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Безплатен ток

the purpose was to catch her mission technology development

is very simple

we are not

tool allow


creepy over you



we put our knowledge on the internet three period by every month

undetermined takes a look

forming according to a swale

level of understanding and no more

under the same time

got a lot of people somebody's taking a picture of the book

are you taking every deal

to the laptop facing me

what it is

we want to share knowledge in there

and it really is

i give my knowledge you totally free

fundus new millage

according to the

coleman's hoon on the bushes and waited so long to call

but do you want to see the change from


farm out here to take prior

i mean i'm not here to do by congress

cash ambitious financial independence of the weekend dictate to us

the sick anti-castro mission

is there enough to make sure the next generation does not get to the same time

i want to know studio

you'll understand for the first time tissue in the review coming up

we literally

what was says those dreams

that is a reality to us

i want to talk with our position new developments

this is in the hand of everyone appeal

look at it

introduction video which is all of you have no one in that form needed to

re-examines passed three hundred thousand also been told viewing

found in china has passed

problem unions

district this review or told you exactly who we are what to do

and then i'll try to explain to you

the first

part of the teaching

you lot won't degenerated moral

button on the field knowles wilson orders behind it

so restart it you know the knowledge

if you'll miss that this morning hold on hold and being here

we handle were displays an energy technology

to public on

for people to december


the return has kicked into posttest swooning

uh... our guest these

their six-month who's landed on the moon

of the hospital


he has accepted our offer of and responding to the cooperation of a

cannon house because they knew we wanted to know if it's a race with their best

hope to do with

what is a game

part on the fourteenth is the same us today

we handle weirdo all technology we listen to the man who's been on the moon

zip you upon a plus

i'm michelle hall

all of us can do it and too much

short of time

with the new technology

the set of pics and seven th of supplements of info

nolanda presentation beyond the medical sites

political to family

i was that on the articles that somewhere in the mood to live in america

buddy fumes of personal marquez technology

americans consume to be that the federal nation come back to africa

african nations are muscles were here the last meeting

they're already covers talks with the possible who's going to be the center

for castro mission

so much so

along the daily in the day after

off the sixth of september

and this was on presidents with our master and that expert to get in the


announced for dinner

first african space agency because that's what we ask for it

who would win


already denouncing guardian newspaper

an african goldman's meeting

the motions or the input into action

now we are getting

approached by a different african nations southerly commissions were meant

to be the center for the space technology

so on the twelfth of

will solar lifeline to studio


i give lectures and

direct teaching to the scientists in africa not different census flying all

over for africa two-layer

and the report

professor of political jia knowledge is absolutely free social development of a

whole lot immobile

what does this mean

this means

more knowledge is yours

dress from mission belongs to you

a lot of people from all of the will to be here today to go to church on the


but in fact if you said on going

this is the article

that this is a homo knowledge mobile home to sleep in

in the oddity

we give you the knowledge is yours to take it back

and so many of you ask me

can you come to my country

your country's my country

you organizes a common teach you nobody did me wrong

husband for a half points into her own

our car search for knowledge in the space technology

and we all know what happened last december

technologies computer and soon

the problem with musical as this room the renewal to fox has been a nice day

but soon

the space technology landing outside displays of

will be shown in full operation

last time we show the rest of the thirty within couple of days on a campaign was

cut loose of the controlled apollo technology

we have children

the capturing that certain

on the radio

two thousand uh...


too boring and then they can go home and this is what's gonna happen

w elissa eli redial initials on much in there is no the fresh work

we explained how the technology is among the jamming system is on the list being

used so

if you've got alaska's can give us a proof of course speak to the iranian

government another compound fallen off the people who've been held by the

medical side

good oscar reagrds someone here i don't see him all he's been in the back

you're running close on the field

and mr

is coming to get independently rape inclination scientist ian

you see the change

he was just really made picture of

once the usually gives one this time

paramount wants you to use a lot

six seven stems

sony is the four liter the food for animals in africa

from useful to you have any easy way

you half seven ten times more horses

is not that we don't give your energy and all of you here for energy

political ofthis absolutely totally development

it's a byproduct

fallout from the atm

technology transfer

mile direction all my target is to take money into a space to parkway the city

crayon for everybody

other woman the status quo all of clothes

as long as we have twenty million they compared to the russians off the profit

goes to the americans

they really get trained for several years at least six months to twelve


to be in the space for a few second local prostates

espace technology in the hungarian government is open to you or you can


to space tomorrow morning exactly the way

bigger than the jump in and he came here

you can get the same people

the reason is very simple

by all the hype things

is the easiest thing

decided to give this to you unless you hold it you don't know what it is one

for your profession

you can expect to us

who owns a small ones will

sherry among yourself does hold in those is going to share some

foreign deepak one or more

this whole take-two you talk to the back

and do the same

we shared


this is yours

this is the simplicity of knowledge to shipman

i would wish to south of the work

all you need to do take for impostors

keep for people to a big one and one small one and that the other people the

back seat

this is how we should know what's going on

i know you know this is howard on the internet

just take your rings uh... opened um...

uh... if you can open them

tried to

placed them in the ring you have to push the time

if you see if you get this effects yet in the right direction

this is the new space technology which all of you holding your hand

do you don't holding in your cunt

you don't know what knowledge a county

and when you're holding your hand

you know it doesn't mean all of this knowledge from time before birth

to rule commercial pressure un

or assistance

development to a full time

we never looked at it

we never bothered to understand that

so what i wanted to do

what he's doing


if you look for if you understand

if he understands the structure

you understand

everything we're doing cash from michigan

time to stop now over houses would not be rather than stop

because it was going to be holding

if you make your income

this is hollow

you are going to travel into space

at the moment

we load up tons of fuel

some useful please go ahead


my wife is usually that was fun

because she tries to make sure everybody understands

this is very simple if you take one of two small big one on one of small one

when you look all you have to do is very simple

you use more fuel

he probably huge cup

fine off burning fuel is finished

that's the simplicity of it

into your interests we never see long logics you'll receive

the study club just because of the motion on central gravity

within the structure

i've always say

quantity in the entity

if you put more fit in

you have a bigger ring

if you put a list of the same thing you have a smoldering

call his electoral coldest portal

call this the same who called mr

naked larger


the s_ laundering uncle regulation

is also spoke with the same thing in the

federated nobody talking about proportion

no problem

what happens is very simple

if you can create

gravitational magnetic field off your destination

tolerance nothing

there's no fuel dot

but is learning the process off opening the possible to uses magnetic field

if you put your three systems together

very simply

packed into nome crazy because

you're going to love appears these

do you mean i know

so if you take your small-minded and just bring it to the other two

you see moves

you don't need to create motion

you just need to create a right to magnetic gravitational

feel the string

you want to go to the moon

you create competition among the three cooled off the moon


mom does not have a gravity loan

he has a gravity and magnetic field

both the house gravity and magnetic field

the two together

dictate the positional won the respect to the other one

exactly what it is


recorded attraction bises gravity

when the to attract

this is a good portion you try to get this to go to what it does not laughing

the gravitational magnetic field ofthis niches entry and exit twelve thich

magnetic field

on imbalance we better not

danny beck's because his position

this would be the error that this would be the sons would be electrons will be a

court order

now we have developed a technology

what we call a partial technology we have opened up last month and

i was doing so


we do not need to burn any fuel to find position

positioning combo itself

doctor hall


items off our body moguls of our party

the cylinder of galaxies are in the position

there is no driver and there is no wings on the planet

and there's no

dependence on any of them

but they find their position

this is going to change homes

the reality comes when the sits on the sum total scientist talking about

scaler ways

transparent magnetic field


because they call it used to looking at one thing

you have to look up to

this objects

will not hold this position


and exit of two other ones magnetic role could not be imbalance and

if you bring them together if you put two entries is largely much like a

traffic jam

take longer than

the push each other separation

if you bring

enough cause that's cruel

through only to it

is after chat gravity

he put the two together

you always have the dynamic possible

the knowledge who brought is very simple howell

housing also worked harder created

in the book number one

unexplained destruction of the plotting

they will come but will explain hope because my moves from one position to

another recorded lights

and and the third book explained how allows most find position in respect

each other

because of all they say

quantity and uh... entity

the drop of water

present all different characteristics of the lawful water

has no different characters is on property a condo ocean reporter

is the quantity ineptitude

if you understand that

you play a game of course man

the simplicity of it is

if you have enlightened to mike metz

if you're going to do among the three come play then you understand it

tried to very simply

going up to my list together burdick and not

you find in this because each other

this acidic rich this point


do not know

to skier ofthis

and respect to this

elsa border somewhere in between is a magnetosphere

you tenet

that's a rotation of committee

so when you have to dynamic milestones


gravitas and two magnetic field

four forces

which were confirmed

with each other

to find that position after that

they move along

inco into and

from one point to another

so in fact

what happens is out

very simply

you off

the nuclear physicist without past five minutes

and all the pieces is concerned about three

because they are looking for quotes particle

what he's got a particle incorpo precludes you on me

you listen to our interviews recently



uh... higher-order

the strength magnetic field

goes down in the strings

but it becomes tangible

to any entity could be human being

button is a matter

on of course republican visible

so we are all got article

plus the simplicity of it

in fact if you have a source and

this source radius is playing a victory all time

and from where it is a few weeks alto or


to the point twenty because physically a parent

you have a source you have a recap going out my time

the source you quoted this on

deductive coated the space between them from the stand on their son

bunker of israel dot magnetic and has a strong domino

the typical tangible to us visible to us

the process is simple

there is no difference in the new levels of creation

going to have the same property of the proof of the same property

the solar system the plasma

peres's applause when his own

when it goes to the universe in your lexis

this is how simple daniel knowledge in his

when we have put in the pattern

when we used to

grew up in the system often nations to actually release our party

people took part in the end we pay for it

they published it will be true it's always in public

nobody can ever applied for

discovery an application of just some

few hundred publications full of smiles and the publication in the process

we have a very calming at some later time

the german sitting there

he was sponsoring in the way that the pot smokers get confused so they don't

know what to do it

we've been delivery note we are the only organization a lot of humor is to let

you know what's happening

we are going to organization

which pop out sending we have to take you did on haiti

we cannot do it for the national patent office

because they see a lot of things to do a dollar you drive all the time to go


where you are patents on the third nobody sees it

because they don't trust the bills and half in office because their mother got

the whole a perfectly

we already

easy to understand in the way

you call it

anti matter

recorded principle not fair

though the rainforest is there


know the name reviews of black hole depending what

quantity on portion you look at it

the parents when that

magnetic field goals from one point another because there is no interaction

between the fuse that hardly any light because my peers from their contractual

magnetic field

rely cubic ordered that dot com

market darker energy

but in fact is the same imaging

which is coming from there

so under the higher strength through the gates wants

and then appears as a month

this is


a lot of businesses to like this because it gives them to help you out of the

pieces back

r_u_c_ doc watson in the dark and ideas so easy

every minute

inouye electronico tone is a division so on tuesday

on the left or the possible

when he delights what we call a nuclear because you can call this one neutron

this puzzle

the canister looked when the portal

narcotic deplores instead

if you ask the scientist ones that are going to tell you we don't know but the


as i will say

if widespread

this course of water to hostile townhouse or one hopeful for being in

the small one

what is a small one distilled water

so in reality

doesnt offer that swamped the plot but when is a plasma

and then becomes too

what this poem for those in

look at this this is someone awesome

look at the date of the spotted

because they're son

with his plane

this is one this time

would strengthen



principle of conservation of magnetic field

trinity is the principal

of conservation of magnetic yahoo

and how you play the twenty

gives you the front being this is a twenty

the proportion to places the

and the rest of would be in the sun hitter digital people tick


between eighty

is walked as long as total

if you look at this time

this is the trinity

in the simple worship

you have to develop its to understand it


twinkle axes

this is from nasa

you see the connection

and so when you raised

just about to

if i will learn to use this

you see this line here

this is a magnetic tossed

community is not exclusivity off electoral in the courtroom

all staunchest galaxies

aren't really rio twin universes

put is beyond our understanding of the sort of time

you have to end a staunch holiday to complain

what welcome why do they need to be complained how the trinity comes

you'll have

magnetic field

the salt pulled off one house to connect the north pole after the one

undersold norcal october one house connect to the other one

change the terminology

because it's a little bit interesting

just change it

co-lead and three po

an exit poll

what magnetic field comes auto who want to hold which is an exit poll possible


he finds his populist twenty

and does this into a separate

no they caught it

one wave another

the two sides to some of the full military wants to stop the mood speaking

wonder did all the hall for another one to go the whole which one is correct

one open


house measure this one

another letter dot org

and a booklet dot right done right

so they solve the mystery of listening for us this morning

port scientist or i could


one is measuring

one or two sample

on one measures was told not to call magnetic field do not move unless

there's a gradient


depends where you see fit

and then you can dictate

what you are not on it

it's a very simple process

you put your own three you put the rest

and then you decide to

who were in the center here in the city

if you think you needed a bigger brother

you could have a little more off the field was on the motion

redefined energy things become very easy

in the principle of community

the ratio

this shape

the structure

the size and amount of different things and that if you come to an entity

dictate depletion under speedo quotation of the trainers

in respect each other

so miles of spring two early round up some of the same thing book in the

scientific right on the engineer

his interpretation

so they say if one is increasing donald duck lets between us stock questions for

him to clarify it


is bigger

electrons are smaller

that this does an amount of magnetic gravitational field inside them

dictates the speaker

addition to atone is

their position in respect each other

besides intellectuals

clockwise or anti clockwise

in a new book which is coming up with most of us is doing that

body quoted the

pictures for you

we explained how

the venus

is going to clockwise


it's just to do with this position in respect to the sun

the hostilities go about rotation

no reply cuz i would have fit waxman in the new book

and is the same wont while you're in a school system

under stressful axis

there's all to do

with the quantity position of magnetic fields in respect each other

a lot of people say we have the forces in on the roads because of all up to the


if you understand i run react this way i do

you understand we are all on the posters

offer a wide variation

to take the position offering this d

time will come some of the system goes live and he shakes everything off itself

and because he moved to a new position

the ruble clockwise

there is no on the pros and the world of creation this is all that's going to

make a new book

you'll have the rain

which comes from

as with other rainwater steam goes up cools down brings back from the country

the same courses happens into waldo

plus more for solar system

the material goes up the gravitational center pools

you call it it's not a bore the rent because we have such a short life we

think that i was in that position

but of the rules the gravitational knowing that if he was trying to get

affected by the stronger poll which is

the song because eighty five ninety percent of total miles


we are just thinking bill forever here very soon to go back to mother rearing

back on a different over next to a billion years

you're in the sky and hollow become on how the things happen

reserves fundamental principles this beautiful taste dot deposit or

predictable is dictated by multiplied at the crew

which are transferred from the march stream cosmo

after court onto the pos marks were to come off the hook

so for the first time we understand a lot of things about the behavior of the

pas author dot com

though if he asked me how do i know these things

i have several reactors i can


the condition

i was talking to somebody very recently he said you have a very sophisticated


you've got yourself a really good one

to see these

you have to understand


you'll have to appear very simple


something between the two

if you move it to the big apart jobs all over the air nineteen

if you move it to the smaller populist or myself

but because it across point is

in reality quite a lot of people told me

we didn't make that both the picture off one of the reactors with bill clinton

test that

built in bruges


cotswolds in holland

and uh... what they call it the cemetery belser

when do you spend a lot of money doing it on this organized holly operates we

learned a lot from this

inouye naal or you do

replace the big storm with a small company you react to a to b_ the new son

the small number of them

you see what happens

thing don't change

no we held the knowledge to create cosmo

within this reactor to behave

past and other entity in the universe

house gravity

house magnetic field

and in the signatories a brick homes pollack loves to suck up to

you see what happens

you have a song

you put in the afternoon meal somewhere

and then you how they're

the proxy war post-cold want to go

not all the fields office on the books with a doctor but what is needed

a spokeswoman said to us earlier

depends what is in the environment

do you want more energy on her of

you move your

the actor for the closer

you and all the way you do it the elderly

this is what we call espy assistant to sister

this please

policy crisis there

this system will be operational with in my throat

you months

you ask us what is our energy on it

two reasons

if reports this reactor

on the planet or

governments will have control over it

this systems will stay

this is a first time renounced is about to have to be more than four months five


if you've been to adapt as i speak about the

if you have a double mobile

you can't have everything you like

the people's will be into my looks as though you know what i'm talking about

through the system

this is dream of cancelling sony's

he needed their prosper from our totals

can you do the power plant oil

he knew the subject to create dot annie's attic which transmits

now we have the cousin technology knowledge this it's been the puzzle




our fields very much for these balls

are matching

the contrast between your position on that

you can pick an issue anywhere within the solar system and beyond

and if you don't need to build anything at all you need to do

is to be able to pass hold and create the same amount of energy here to sample

in the north pole you have a party

is a christmas everybody knew your celebrates the whole world capital as

much as they like at the same time

these systems are on trial now on the latest one we'll show on the fourteen th

you will see a full display often which was untrue plasma

hitomi connections

the possible stanzel


the powerful hold this position

and holding his position transfers and if you took three or four more

by the same time

this is never dreamed this is the practicality i tried to have it ready

for today but it was impossible

six-and-a-half inform you because i'm not sure anything about him

we've been are material nuclear materials on the confiscation of to

further on new customer for those who is a pearl jam on the please


undignified texas austin will materialize this of being told in a

meeting to reach the role

the license is questionable

after two months

uninteresting enough the gentleman who makes a decision about

my license

do the same dot on the world tries renewal and allowed the nuclear reactors

and also with the crack toward cooperation twenty as a call

the wall has become too few gross domestic

so we'll see what happens in opposition

the man who's putting the whole nation danger he tells me i could not have a

small reactors often run my business

and already safety check everything correctly

six seven years of colonial reacts in belgium

they could not find any contamination or aviation nothing and record the latest

mission into my lap

with the with the position will be button

i'm sure tool to deal with whom to put these on flights will recall esp yes

it's a flood in orbit

at all if you can have

as much energy is directed

his top aide for tumne

not because they're not mythical closely from the space

because you want to keep the structure of your society

you want to be safe

you want to have your water and everything else

allows always very and this is worse than a hundred african nation on buses

and the governments in past three weeks

these dot

everyone the whole purpose was to clean water

and they give much as possible

and to build one of the reactors are the moment

before operational is just the bottle

fifty five to forty dollars

you about other city

we are not cleaning as you see this is going to be with the actual metal

some of you who came to the presentation of that they're both

december last year you seem to do a strong

no we should step aside

infarcts all you need to do

if you understand the structure


between objects

im go further

uneven go for a doctor

i give you time to take pictures started with that

too harshly

and if you go still with the same trinity further

gives you get the structure off what we call nine oh materials

now more layers on exactly the same instructions universe this is what in

the north so i just don't understand

uh... what we could talk about them

two thousand and life to unamerican

monitors and leaving on the technology office in baltimore in the world two

hundred million

they rejected we did the material to the time abortion belgium they checked it


not only to annuals not only his support operate us

buttermilk material cap book even the gap

has a gravitational center

so it has its own polling it is like a black hole

is not that is empty

what do you get out of town u hav

very much

a superb conductor

that's one of the materials on lives on nobody knew this

we put this profiting coupons and runs six two thousand seven

all the clean thing there

so what happened

when a field comes in

if i was a story as possible we can take please distribute this knowledge as much

as we come through internet then it'll still be put to them

there is no blockage we can't stop you

so out of the recruiting

don't forget

every cop i recall

has its own gravitational magnetic field each one is a star

each one of the planet

the rate has to give some and takes off

unethical as true because it has a higher speed on high magnetic field it

loose some of her time

to the news for this

this could be a call to deduct one in the courtroom from a hydrogen and metal

corporal weather

nothing changes the same courses

so as it goes further it gives more than it takes more

i know what you're gonna get

we care

the field

outside as it comes through the material

now play the game of co-opting

put it in layers d

what recalled monolayers

the same property of magnetic field between that and the structure status

but molly grows between the leaders d

colby's not only is we know none of it is our couple so for the first time a

cash or at home because we explain it and done it before


the minute just amount of magnetic field commander in the universe

going through it

not only energy

brings them on over to a couple social economical any kind of thing would you



look at this

as the copper wire

is very much

this is one of the somebody told me to get this case to the

italian representative in the present in that in the presentation of six of the

summit where are you

their youth

he's a very

chief human he didn't know who he is but you know who is

his first tony asta lady who was here

who is the next week to be to be checked

produce quality is a scientist

from italy but his apart of pity you

bsn use scientific group

we did not give them this time

i gave him the key to the secret of humorous energy

it understand it the chemically treated

italy will be one of the meeting

energy producers will be much more weeks

because how than we are

that's what he did not understand the government's going to someone's going to


when your going to get it

if you put this could be the very

easy they offered eighteen


twelve schools on the minute this magnetic field near environment

these are the new wholesale span

these are the new solar cells you have it on the roof

but the thing is the difference between this and others is up


newell policy loans

produce more energy at night on the day time


the layers harden magnetic gravitational field

which they cannot be told the radiation coming off of the planet much better

than the solar cell coming down

we should listen i am helen but a lot of people didn't understand it so it

wouldn't take that they don't understand it because you don't know the knowledge

now we teacher that knowledge

so what happened

this little clipper

which is being

this material ism violent if you can't do it yourself

they just think it's a miracle mile

is be measured by ghent university professor

when the boss

when the boss off the record

because the

resistance spend on it

over each other

if interested together

as much as you like

and the resistance is about clinton that long

as one of the best businesses that they're missing

pooh-poohed calling to leave you have reviews offered to show you

they will not noticed renting a good one and a lot about

four years ago

copper melts but the truth of the mails and takes back the shape of corporate or


if you go back

you see what happens

if you can gather

all the energy which is

absorbed by the state

this one is about

we think between forty and fifty thousand layers

is not just for me

to see one nine oh

you know how much more money was because the one i know

to steal a undersold diamond market diamonds

he has to be a list of two thousand williamson

both it doesn't come off looking give it to you can go with as much as you like


but would be a chocolate is

you can

it it's just a few is based on the fifth

so negative people tomorrow good for you

it doesn't come off

that uh... this mother painted

is done with the structure

what happens

israel's octopus system

if you count

absorp all these my new phrase which are still here

understory of time

you can run the courtroom

dispute spoke and indeed the space can be in your home

the panel less than half a meter byron meter can produce from three to four p


more at night when you needed in the daytime

who put response so if you pay your

people to buy the book you pay to catch postal technologies

catch prosecutors will set up two years ago

to produce the systems

i'm not cool

six months ago

choose to the beauty of number

in past two weeks

two weeks

it took us three years to get a permission from the belgian with ortiz

there will not be sure license

that's how it is so don't those people who do you think you can check

you've been paying cash flows of personal source of above us there

therefore since

to produce this

and now you see

how the old newt's annual

test what was the wrong d purpose while walking the math level

we do the same thing human resources on the same basis but we walk in the


also was ahead of his party

in the matter level

i've explained to you and you start from

the song

you go through the transition will be closed off an ideological transition

because it is time to transmit from one indebted to another

and then becomes matter

but does not work in the matter level


in the plaza level which means

all the energy levels all their strength among the few from what you put it all

principal unto matter

too much on below is available to you so there's no limitation

if you want to see it

have you seen the light of hmong

gives you might like to sleazy

you've been commercials you've seen it

this is busy material in a different combination

most often like to see why soap opera at the moment

is the energy which is absorbed from my heart

and being in my body

this is exactly

what his soul

in fact you receive my lifetime in your eyes

and get my knowledge


if you understood you don't need to see me wants to see my letter or the like


passive your children

and that's what i

report tomorrow

to understand i was always say here

cash foundation

serving humanity

knowledge and technology for prosperity and peace


from now on

nobody needs to buy a home run

and nobody in these tough times ahead

reading scientist will understand

the reality

and the people who worked with a reality

know the people who have to protect the piece of paper say professor of dr

who brought


threatened to pull some articles his suffers the same kind of

problemo three do with the scientific golden's though for years and



next talk is button

emily whose and other in the political side you being the reality of hope you

all about

and hopefully

we see them on if time making goldman doesn't put pressure on him

who's been to the moon

then we can all understand the feeling being but the differences we won't


his experience because

when you create gravitational magnetic fields

in a system

you can dictate



wine you'll be telling soon to the moon and mars and beyond

is not that is it

fairy tale

is just out in our reactors

ruby creating the warren g_ property

would you like the one due to retirement as will two hundred meters a cause he

can't control the field inside

the old beach howling immediately like the way to go to america on the jetliner

is a force

might lead to gravitational field one g

now we have the northern conduit

and then you can play the game

you create competition magnetic field of there


you can attract poems from anywhere

you create might have to go to school

feels of who would

he cannot act remove would if you've been on the website used to be put to

pass to compose plastic is very easy to make

increasing the renewal

we make uh... plastic to move through the same principle

the rest of the knowledge is up on your batista department on this

three bases so it means

if this plea deal gets when the next two nights

all the scientists all the people who want to know will learn automatically


this is a calm then you teaching will be

there'll be no more peer review

because if you understand that you know me someone else to read the book is not

a golden time dot

the trees cut through the bible and how useful to him he interpreted that way


interpreted the wrong way

there are people in this room hall rapidly translating the books on

everything into a new language possible

double his old inchon city attorney's without us knowing

the german has been only those knowing degeneration cumby book before christmas

most will be all people to the next week months will be available

i know some people are welcome in the

though some people will come to flourish

uh... arnold the iranian russians want very first when we come down

therein is a reluctant to do it

we past

two people how replicated our system to be here tonight

you if you go on the website you know one of him

he lost about two months ago though these replicated free paper on the


he's been in touch

there than usual his system causes cope with it

hopefully on the fourteenth of december

though german scientist engineer who's done the possible technology more chat

so they'll be here the next time as well

interesting enough

there is a hearing insulin producing holland he was here

to mondays ago

the house more must reach the point

rubles for to help him on the board

u_c_l_a_ housed on the verification we know because this is in the stupid



re already put herself will knowledge

but but the government have the time that they can put things in security

safe where you lots

and how would you like him

and that's it this is the first lessons

even the good the students now you can ask questions

no questions




to the family

which radiation

is part of was part black my father's us to live

but he was part of the street from from santa nationally next race in iraq


in iran

maneuver for asylum

though the takes of every orchestra conductor

doesn't matter who you know what he knew about the radiation is no good for me

but i have to go to the hostels became criminals

and inglewood systems

sitting of the x_-ray machines and also some machines

and also the first time this township and now we are here for forty years

his such has never stop

are used to even take flight that nobody look talk to me that i could be out

there to do my


because when you're done here there's too much pressure

next question

do you mind tony will you come from elise we know

not being a house to my reactors

i have one of the most expensive reactors in the universe

ep tell you the truth how much how much did as they can spend there's been

hundreds of thousands

to test are reacting was so sophisticated

and isbn

a four months with the budget from belgium central government budget

because as the cake with afford it

this is a visual documents


they worked very hard

to local already expensive reactors

all reactors are actually

coca-cola bottles

and you believe it or not

belgian government either seek aid

we have reports part of the report is being sold directed not to sure what has

been developed

dr splaine

unearthing used interesting thing was we women are lawyers have been on the


and uh...

usually when you want to point budgets

for research

you have to go on and they decide to find somebody

buzzing told us his source trooper dot be printing on monday

based on the conduct of the government uh...

purpose or

when the water

the director of the security nevada cicada where she wanted to be there

because it's a breakthrough



sign on the five and five o'clock in the afternoon and then went to the material

monday morning

that's how about this technology is

bill dorman has only spend millions on the security

we have a started releasing documents

i am went to their after which manages this practice to resettle annulment of

the reports which are supposed to be classified but is there is a paper

becomes possible to them

and when you read this report

is shocking what the recording up than

discovery of this material

was done but all-american

in the report twelve two thousand six to twelve months life

totaling six and we've received and registered letter by i'm not to catch

our nation

on the six paragraphs of parole if i have to tell to anybody without this

code i can go to prison

this is what it is i'm not real releasing the documents on the papers

nobody opened peter

still have the book from the terry please

you have to understand the process here

the processes appeal reviewing i'll show the just the tip of somalia

but today reviewing the control is done

and the people who are p reviewing

my book yesterday

yes i don't like

you see in this book a lot of he'll be into my presentations you know

in this book

visual fifty-one let me start doing and that is more of his rebuttal published


we decided to publish a lot of things to open up a lot of course

the type of test paper is the creation of pothole

don't grow so certainly we have to stop publishing the papers on the was the

block somewhere else full

the only way to we do it in the book nobody needs to get it would you agree

that you can do it yourself

this paper the crucial blackwell

was submitted to


the royal astronomical society in england

weight of political aspect

april of two opposing afford

the paper was suddenly totes to say the black holes are not what mister stephen

hawking sizzle comes over everything

black holes where you get that matters andreas and they're actually a slow

stomach to settle

so i received a letter to say that they're going to keep his paper

in the library but they won't publish it

that paper is due to the seventh of july

i received it in the post on the eight th of july

interesting enough

and eminent scientists missus steven hawking on a cultural you're on the


announced that he has changed his mind the black closed the week

cheryl who's appearing home

an interesting enough

which is a stupidity whose house this book alamo is in town for a year now

he hasn't been anything yet

eminent scientists like this doesn't sit

there people in this room in the back

we gave a lecture reading this book was published

the origin of the u_s_ on this


in lowland

yes it was organized by deep

there are some who seventy eighty people in the room

are tough nor was suddenly on the tuesday stephen hawking appeared in

global and giving a lecture

here on the internet

though you know university

you just need to check the

dzongri lump unity or remove yourself

what we know on what you had no more even a teacher

is nothing compare to you on your children are going to open up to this


last march we put the seeds

around the world

in several locations

assigned to people

to hear

is at the time now

is it harder

no no we put the sea


around the world

with several locations

we sent parks of sleep

to seventy for more than two years on the wall to grow


world wall

in in saudi arabia

in germany sweden

england america on canada


we have the results plaque

that there's something a strange happening with the seat

with the posters we develop

we i received the call from our

head office and holland

there's a huge box here can accommodate it

lose this box is how do you want us to send the bible seminar class i go i'd

pick it up

the gentleman in germany

who test of that he sent us the whole salaamu everything back

i give the whole package studios that you have a look at it because this is

joe is here in the service

and then

the commission came

he's running experimented on the scientist who leaked information likes

uh... with testing received and he has come up with a fantastic ideas because

of his job

soak them a little bit more

put the number of different way

if you want to speak to him

and now we see

you should be

once the usually is on this time

with hughes who said their biggest success of this time

is to do what you want your children to find out how we can call this this thing

this knowledge

i cannot do everything

promotional all of course plus all of our great grandchildren

will not be able to open the whole of this knowledge

so that's why do you do not wish to the world

unless you want to do it together

and this is what the petition koreans

innovate allen's last question because of a top-secret anaheim




the process is very interesting

i wrote about this

about four years before two years before

well you know how scientists we get distracted reelect little children with

different when you go into it

financial planning on everything and they get distracted

i've got the shot or something else part

i knew this coming down

so redone experiment


you can create

solid knocked off of castles room temperature


other nuclear physicist

something very clear to me for past twenty years

but that could not understand the process

the posters of started ox returning on four years ago this i wasn't at home so

we were running heavy experiments

i'm you know our camper to supporting off of fresh air


i said to one of my colleagues

i can produce cooled off a fresher is that man

europe crazy guy you do a lot of crazy things but this is impossible

if on the staff is a correctly someone this reactor

i can create condition but you can create material very much michael

you're on the experiment

the materials like in belgium

you don't understand we're just going through the pictures a few days ago with

derek to choose one of which was so apartments

he picked me up

from the airport where i came back in paris

nobody knows in your own underwood nails collect acceptor and my wife

he just put the picture on this matter and this is an equally dividual

iowa i went to your own we tried to kill our came back for one hundred on the


leaving aside to civilian goldman said

this technology is yours become more we will be discovered a meter

they packed all my systems overreact is is that

we have a copy

you can do more

i came back with the most top secret


back to this country

quality shivani runs up to

we looked at the pictures home all packed ballpark but goldman forming the

may shorten my fingers started from a comeback

i mean we can create gold are complete annuity concrete

quoting off of fresh air

it was one off

klein awaiting nature does it

how does nature

castro's capsules

into solid matter

tariffs that was their brother couldn't see that when i saw it are new and i'll

go out on a local to do

of those so to speak to a song

just go like this

pressroom it between two flashes

europe russia between two fingers

the are pinching

forecast this time you know how to

destruction of her body

our body continues to congress

hydrogen nitrogen

call bordman oxygen into sort of coaching

so the process must be very simple begin assignment

so isotope to do it and it took me less than three weeks to do it

now weekend comrades

all gases into solid matter

recall did not vote counts

all it is

all goes back to this so simple

if u hav

an object


we call a different name because we came across a different time


in the last cell like or because our bus unit

false physicist

recorded call number here

and then in the solar system they call it

when you call it

he has a very nice

main for it

so bacall be from various

we have learned in our system

changed the strength of this body m

and now we can't control the change-up gravitational because i told you i'm not

to have trouble to be a matter

hold on to what it is a mom protects recorder atmosphere magnetic field

total recall the gravity of putting the field


ought to know when you want to use a proprietary solar council liquid

which fought environmental department

if u temperature bulls all peoples from one to another

now we learned

how to control the gravitational magnetic field

you can have a much better in some of the state's emulating u_s_ and then the


are but it does it

so what happens

when you reed you owe some off this field

to become solids


you have to release some of this magnetic field because it's too much of

it alleges statements on that list that you were

diaries in our body which is not noted field which is the news continues here

to be consulted from gases so from in one state to another

is the temperature of above the thirty seven degrees

in our whole initial doesn't like

in uh... electable laboratory

the run when the congress is still closing just responded

rerun the mortal when they had more to lose and abused children is the more

thing you've got to the system you don't need any electronics

this is the kind of some sort of the moment

how much he takes from it

is virtually

this material as you put more ppl

demand on it

the morillon's also means environment

what it does if you do the right condition


life created on the roof

you find out you can create life annuities earache

and that's really simple coz

this is still too ill equipped

this is sealed cream-colored

we don't say that's because repair its before but those involved one band the

scientists in belgium to work with us

we gave it to professor



france report

and univeristy of kempf

they were so interested to get you on this for most of you and your mother


i put a call to the university because we have a good relationship

i said we discover something new we needed to be w spectroscopy

infrastructure witness but first we want to know what this material is

usually takes weeks if you can find a scientist

we have such a good relationship report from inside the univeristy

they told me isotonic life

if they give us time april many was just before christmas be lucky

his at four o'clock in the afternoon doctors are ridiculous everything for



they get all the all these graphs loans but listeners inflorescence done by the

mister report

and then immediately got classified

because this can not come out this material is the most beautiful

superconductor ever known tomorrow

we put it on the machine the computer went on

once one is fourteen different elements we so often don't want to learn

uh... some of his twenty two different ornaments

unknown two months

because these materials on the most people superconductors we ever know

inouye that's how our body works

rosa suspended to emily if you watch i was talking to her all the time

here in the top of books for miles

was on strike to explain to him

a lot of people think all the info mission onto nero system no be prudent

to a medical side

you feel in your brain

europeo pixel you donate connection

this is how we create our own counselor

you'd feel the pain the creative specific minority gravitational field

which changes some cells

a structure to give it to what's the big mostly because something else

is the post of cancer

the suppose recreate most of our business to our own emotion

professor morrow strolls in through this

especially through the same way

navi in the sun operation of the past month who understand how it works

you want to see the quit c_o_ two read all say they will be

actually if you want to look at this

you see all the books to bring to alexis and all the black marks is all for a


printing so that when the characters and prisoner for eleven days

and you understand the influence of this commission government of the most

influential scientific organizations

the last time you give a talk on the twenty first

one twenty third there was a special decree against

in that break although castro mission

because in lab presentation are short haul them a company structure

uh... for the first time in two days ago

people to reveal on the internet we short for the first night how the

payment structure he wanted to say that

we have the presentation the sixth of september he last thursday

friday morning

canadians are the only one showed nothing like that

friday morning the close the iranian embassy in color and the same to call

the house was black

under the same time from the presentation

the preserve sued on announced this publishing though

wanting to sublease to african the space agency recalls

picasso's conley holly boondoggles has come to have it

now we're going to see who is one hundred don't belong together

it's very simple to create matter

i was unique now we know the gravitational magnetic field

in reality

it's very easy

all you need to do



the size of these holes

this is what we're looking around going to africa hopefully of the permission to

do it

the normal red blood cells is ten

micro know whether it is


is eleven

sos justice partly because we don't know cochran a filter

bodily harm

nano material footers

and i don't want to approve this arby's

i've just bought system to be able to produce the spectrum


all you need to do it just back here

dialysis machine

allow the block to flow at the rate which only the bigger than the brussels


red blood cells can go through

though complications which you have to understand you have the freemen thomason

lapses in the body you have to let them go through

or you create a government-run magnetic field of put dates

which is a research to be done

and then you can extract about either way you can do it in theory

so bernardo new command or filters

is actually

what we've done for five a six years ago

he was president he would bring it into your

couple of months ago here the cameraman because he was appointed by them to do


the german pausing to remove the rent

he asked me do you know and mighty

the speaks about the fruits of clean order from the uh... you know

buckhead mexico from the rest

dispatch and most offered on this

sitting in the u candomble pattern

when the people to see what will compliment them

two thousand seven

the c_o_ two

two thousand

to conference

for filtering through non-military a land of official michael property off

this hill two

is or the but part of the nano material

unknowingly is in the path to number one in the first forty claims

is in there but if you reviewed your notes on it

so you can create it

creating producing these solar cells what he called it

roof cells

should cost between her under two hundred twenty euros

but the beauty of it is

new do not need the storage and you do not to give it to the government

you take a few like




all right

you whoever has applied for is by this christmas will get it

now from next week is on the spot

it's either either

dornan blockages that that would mean presume or

something else happens by oxford in the game

soon we don't talk we don't talk

the thing is

we build the rub if i give you the


your government's block you ringing in his lawyers

and this is what this is for the moment

you have to understand

you see half of disorder i head of the whole through other channels

it either

was aware that there is no no no read your contract

returning with his

shipping is your problem mein

you you know unearthing history tell your government you'll you're bored

don't forget all on emails of public knowledge

solve cause you know you're going to go when you see everything i do


so when he is really they know who has paid for it

and all the deposits this in the bank account in holland

dot if

you get your money back

we in both disposition are open

uh... we brought this positional

on the situation with africa's going on selective south america

to stop does when the blockages

i will report as part of cash management policy

will report your government bought one your shipping

this is all role

this is the way you'll have trouble you


defect no no no no no now working with your government because

wants to bring the system ng one seven million two million supplied indulging

so much revenue was a lot of the government then you have to find a way

to paxton

we're telling the government that was a hope of supplemental meeting

this is what's coming

you're gonna get hit

think about it


protracted worker

saja he's wasted birthday

the people who progress


thank you

puzzle of yours

we have other follows a sped up one of the year

we have the thing is you shouldn't be thus getting

they should be collaboration

the time off fighting is finished

the parking lot don't fight anymore i'd

no no no

they come to understand they come to

do you know what is a strange

we're on

every monday

uh... medical sessions here

with ice-t_ a lot of medical people

they are all posture probably know some of the orders and the patients here

i was surprised full park six weeks ago

the power was cartoon of from turkey here

answered how did you hear about us

of doctrine unquote told me they are the only person we can get me walking

in a village

and he's here

annul he's moving

we passed

fire asked the gentleman who was a islands people here nor and he comes

here walking

they should have been paralyzed totally according to the unless committee

american committee hearing those who wish to be in that

but he still walking

now he he was walking very nice to be a few weeks will be dropped in on the

front door because excitement going out

and now

he used to be on braces the braces off so the strolled down two and uh...

the top four px sources southwell

which tribe also so things

riddle saying no to you

hello people say

five thousand-year-old forever generators too expensive

i say

twenty thousand you'll pros sunroof is really cheap

by not want

in the sun

and then the safety of others so cheap why not why don't you give it to us is

alright are free

it's your right i was free

the surest repeatedly because my partner back we'll make it

you don't need to be in the five thousand

we have opened a door people are advocating it

but they say energy images not null michaelson and they'd use a by product i

create the pas mal

the possible release as follows magnetic field

i capture it


is the port

that's one of his now we open the population which would be easier

we have it

future development passed to a few months because i understood something

which of those sample forty years

and i immediately put into action to call

from the development

and part of his is this

pablo is this

because there's a huge informed voter information which was missing

for me for forty years

it just came to me

they were sitting there for years but i couldn't see it

he came out of the experimenter wrong i saw it up and understand it

and bender became a pro


the markets and dollar deals

u_n_ involvement he said no harm

four d three sheets make so much things


react to become putting the generator

we forget about everything else so i went on a bill to


in a specific commissioned on monday

friends herein

goes home

i spoke with generating image upload this is on the will of course dot

but now i understand you kind of about twenty five dollars


next question



below instead

explains the

development of the company

technology and the left

and between overdevelopment human conscience

and so i might have

that second here

over unity countries without unity is the case

disputes what are saying

wallace we give people this knowledge at the beginning of the mayhem

if you're even in my presentations

could be like a man who's lived in the box or in the room for years

and then he wins a hundred million dollar lottery

he goes crazy he buys everything he can

and he gets the point is tied up with shopping

because his what everything

funds to build on the nineteen million

mothers become famous to call them


it's worth you into the to the navy because of a too much because the

channel of the house

when this technology will come of them in the same courses beverly wilshire


harbor pullman car i have to flying machine laughed out of place

and they get tired because the name of the same in there with you if there is

no pride in having

than the product of the stirring

monday because of his israel clock nothing come you don't look after

or try to contribute

and industrial units becomes

of the beginning of the mayhem i can see a diary

all we have seen mayhem in past two weeks for the government

the shuffling

then they have moscow in kashmir mission recently

in positioning themselves

because mostly they're opening the pushing each other one better


everything is their you can control it

i think what role too

when you will become children understanding with you we will have the


then we're on the whole thing in mangalore

icd lupita it has happened i will happen in the optional tales after twister

after fourteen th of different be worse

because everybody was scrotum own everyone was so flight to london


and he had all the chinese in front of washington and they get all their

african sitting in front of london they won't see the queen

and is not good enough because the quayle sticker for two hundred t_n_t_ is

everything that counsel table in the possibility

so that all of us who saw this may come bosco to talk to the parliament

you've seen

hopes simply are explained their knowledge fund edge to you in more now

in the past four any of you to see you this morning we'll take you fifty

sixteen hundred years if there was a lot nord

remake the knowledge freedom restructuring you think

in reality

there are people in this room hoping touched by the castro mission technology

the first one is here


this of the persons he can tell you

he had a stroke is them all the work of the pictures off the punishment

total haitian children

this on those power lines anderson are writes all the pictures in those all

that things were you

we have knowledge of people in this room company now which is the life

buttress drinking water

but the problem is if we release all this technology mongol

before so it was the bombers

we don't want anything to add to our own cause the whole of the figure on

conviction to both of you

or we don't want to come to all industry

because dole appears to have a problem yet

sort of almost laughed when a new way

ons contributing to a new home society

though congress woman may hom of over the beautiful peaceful

i can see the and and twelve months eighteen months plugged

till we get there

the right to be very rough believe you me

that's why the process of africa very heavily

tubing afrikaner level b don't need to come here

then they have it

disturbed immigration

you find all that make you like to put off goes after is more than they have

people here

we have to pay the government's we have to carry the people of the same time

and your impressions wasn't really my decision

we go to the real point


you know



article please it displays of his because

what happened with me on the phone this weekend

became a lot of experience

if you look at this time off the reactors which

received on the inbound outbound books sometimes

just serve that purpose

can secures

if you look at the book

one of some of our books to help pictures this pictures are not

fatalities are actually

reactors richard org

in these reactors q_c_ windows

we see a structures in the universe in his chair as we have a renewal we see it

them our religion or react as we always been court house was very hot and it

destroys things honestly temperature

uh... this chapter of wilson

second third generation

and this is a steelers telusu pentecostal for five months

they looked everywhere and it was built in holland the democrat

this is a steel because we close average

if you look at a new generation gap as even the rules which came from a wrong

with me

soul plastic

both the upgrades creates his own british magnetic field in this kind of a


so you don't need to

haven't everything's

wilson except

you tell me

usaa bouncing yourself and then we have no problem


it's takes us



little home

you corneal compaction

dollar or the pattern

breathing is unimportant

understand bailey i write it another way you like to read it

this is a big difference

no architecture to one million years you will understand association of the bill

the strange novelist telling that you know that i would like to thank me since

i've been looking across cultural

and the catering staff here are iranian sponsored by chance i never knew the

existence of about six months ago

who looks after us but you know

and i was just telling him

the strange enough

most of the people who are replicated my systems are hearing a scientist as a

token i think i writing in english that's where they were stunned attack

so if you understand that you can copy it


wanted for

sophistication cause

the danger is because i've been there

the danger is

you you are releasing you do not understand what we say

you are unleashing

apollo which legal not most of us know

i have more than machine for ten thousand euro

and i have to wait six months were to be sent

he had to be sent to a special hospital

in switzerland adequate putting their m_r_i_ system hall's experience with

their recently

adequate measure to my notice radiation in their see them actually when i read

before i get it


when i was in control

way years ago who stripped the scientists

if you know all the sides his doctoral system of their own technology

i created so much

but feel their army

when i came back from carol

he can tell you

that was so spectacles of pakistan iraq

so this but the two leaders in the hand of the people to not release at the


and then you start appreciating it

we don't know how

you see this material i gave you of short you it's fantastic to see seal to

in there

in the power of the road equipped

the strange thing with it is

i wanted to touch it now because some jealous

dimly lit the torches attested

we don't know the pope to for this to go off the scientist to find out

infomation trans-racial rapid it doesn't need my new assistant

this instantaneous

we don't give technology out just not to give you will


we don't know ourselves

is the beginning

it's the same thing with the speed

ice from d

get the seeds what what is policy room will seat

to the sciences the university

c_e_o_ christianity could change

poses the same scene

you are the big in the opposite breakthrough science we don't know

i've always you don't make it don't give a anxious

boleto sauce develop it

let's all scientists to do it

then entirely possible

we give to you we give to fly free

issue to choose it to use it

a lady came here

the dentist

thirty seven years old

breast cancer

seven months ago kristin

six women to go

checking to see us in the workplace

she said i have cancer on one of dieting you know when university here in belgium

during a mistake

the left park author class of two men who have been the best mention

intuitively feeling there found another piece of cancer

and they were the plan was not specifically looked for the first from

the book and feel it was literally in the press

so they caught the press for the sake not for the kinds of the box with

immediately because he was transferred to the back of the boom


i said to her she attended hoopla presentations fascism can you help me

under the machine for her

and i gave her the machine

we can certainly don't charge any more because we realize from now on the

declined to do when the fingerprinting so arkansas really is like totally free

picasso's hundred two hundred thousand the cosby

my wife considerable key four o'clock in the lab or waco democrats in the morning

to make sure

counsel approach

and then

begin this machine speechwriter

two weeks later she called missus i want to give the machines back off on the

doctor in germany attorneys who would have sky killed me

personal problem on the dock

eighty two thousand nero

but we could talk

last friday

we were going

she called me

on the phone

uh... the cancer has come back for any path in the lining of the stomach

counterfeiting because she uses a specific what i've been eliminated from

charles come i can you tell us pay for it

i sat monday morning

are you should call him ten o'clock p here nine are building a new system

because we discovered something that we can stop answering about knowledge now

the county residents felt any kind of cancer

so kasich on him in the morning

of the new system


monday morning about three o'clock in the morning

i spend all the time building a special system from the new knowledge

eyecare sunday afternoon here at the coast she called to since the pain is so

much i've come to the hospital

are com com can you come back to me

and tuesday welcome off at the hospital

a call tuesday according to our coleman's any ten times

if all this one has a dentist

he picked up on the premises is that should burden on the night

hung around twenty eight thousand uros

all system in the big

research organizations cannot take this kind of losses but we are committed to


is not a joke we give it to

there we have a lot of people who come here in the loop

problems that can be a copy of mccarthy just manipulate the structural cosmo

for the underside

we have people


in counselor

the people who've been farrakhan has paralyzed the come here and they will

have to have

few months or at least they've become a while

we don't understand all the structure real at the beginning of the route along

the courses love you and mister mitchell

computer guys will put from

i don't know if it's going on all levels

whom i don't really have found a solution for premature hundred-percent

so from now

you'll see in this week on the castro mission be one hundred people be mongol

bataye congress remotely people around the world

permit on three months six months between ninety five percent often can be

restored to the by themselves

and then in july of listening to redo a thousand hard because then how you want

to view technology or the test



with the thing is i was just explaining too

on you

how director shoot-to-kill race through monday

that uh...

the process of

concert on bone marrow starts in the stomach

this is something new pop

bill to you on it

actually the discussion came to it

he won't is a dentist here

he explained to me something

six-month eight months ago

ascot they make sense to have to see it

saw follow that in different parts of research and development

and i made the unit opinion among the you'd be surprised with the fifth

to show

not the bone one

is not what you think

ball is a filter

then you can play the game of quality of your body your stomach within the bone


what would you got to talking to the calm


uh... what her factor forty-four

uh... be filled

that is not done in the bowl

is this also assist in your stomach and what you eat

so true dot and operational control of cancer council is a lump when they

become solid

you know double

tumor was different

and just about here

that controls the side of the size of two saluti off the map in your body

so when you can't control the stomach with this columbus was here nobody knows


emotions here

it's here not because happen to be a

it's here because he controls before looking also the body

what he needs to be produced as a bone marrow

that he comes up with the we're going to be a twelve e inside it can be like that

the specifically afford it

definite was propped

as a control between them off the brain and the stomach

gaza strip

now we understand it

we can control will cause solid when underwear

so if you can't stop as so becoming concert we lost math

long last longer

you produce for two years

we have a breasts which has been delayed totals plants from one of my life

yeah i'm going to be on the standard so now we thing for us we can do a lot of

things of counsel republicans have or

for months

within three four months we've been doing a concert

nahis tar looking because not only on the other i do things and i don't know

exactly how to stop

six-month someone's ten years later come back havana misconduct

so not in the cycles have become a leader

arms control to your stomach community in this and that's it

discuss why we do so well in our space technology

not for charles troupe planning to go to a malls

proteus work is that

i have to plan everything

in the post of moscow they have to fight everything back up to fight the gravity

that reflect to have to fight disease as in the so

to have to have enough food to take

for me which understand the proportionality has just left of what

you call its problem about twelve of the sinking of the sun

i have the best galaxy and space technology in my hand

is called the human body

so i don't need to spend billions to vote on the stand operation bitching

that's and that's

i know

they say i do medical leg of the people walking alot of people have no feelings

in that poll

all we do

who put the helmet here macleish who were there

uh... bypass de niro system


even when the weather center

yeah no prob

i don't need to be i've bypass the new system

i make a connection between the two

when the courses is done

you don't need the waste time in the middle

and a new system follows it

sucessful i don't need to spend billions to understand what will happen here if i

do something on mars

but this year quoted the moon coded to consider i want to change things in


different organs different galaxies in the same universe

we have to change after troops of everything needs

the scientist to explain to us

look within yourself down since it's in there

political to look in the right place

you're the best physicist therapist dr you're the best


but you have to understand what you want to do

you succeed

do you since those

isn't it



side there is that these people

among to utility

without the father's someone from belgium security

we know it in every meeting that are not

my question to them onto the bulge authorities were development is

you're welcome

they have to be here

if i use my knowledge the slightly in the wrong way

the beautiful machine is busy life can carry within seconds repack unfit

you put in a part of all you can kill someone in milliseconds

as much as i can

absorb radiation from environment i can put great if you want to learn a bit


are warned its on my world my

outputs and my

political forums

in belgium

my wife is frozen

be reelected here as a guest on the was a plan to block us from developing

it took me

seven years to get more permit which have been living in new york for thirty

nine years

idoney the walking but the political game which was great

how when we open the book we were threatened my wife control my work or be

killed by the top people in this country

we'll about that there were a piece of paper

they will kill you

we are not afraid

but on the stand

well we are not the skid the

they need us because their own children would have counsel tomorrow

their own black linden soles will in the with post-op

and breast cancer

there is no cure there is no solution

cold cash permission that are not

but you have time respect

i mean the respect is mutual

you see when when they when they arrested me on the boat off a plane

on the eighth of june

two years ago

the first thing they told me in front of my sister is inaccurate

if your report to

any newspaper he's been arrested on board

interrogated me for four days up to eighteen twenty hours a day

you saw the writing on that black writing is the canadian scientists who

went through my documents

that kept me for eleven days

found on the eleven th they will suffer they

while most told on getting the portrait because he says to me the german the

americans the british devotion and the french i've decided i'm going back to


i was on the right to mexico city for the disaster

well and i want to get my suitcases i was happy i'm coming back for those in

on the death threat by the canadian dollar rent

my present because they told me i'm not going anywhere

assorted been through the kind were court bellecourt in the prison

anderson in front of the joint

and he told me if you tell the judge why are you keeping have you called it a bit

so i wondered if it's a problem our to deport you are going soviet next on my

repaid five-and-a-half thousand canadian dollars

or in order to policy that i listen to the threats

friends repay the vocals another

undone i went down to my prison keepers say

i've been told i'm leaving two o'clock to belgium

the guys that if you leaving

the given nor to seven days before

there's nothing here

no candidate before to tell me to be ready i'm going back on saturday

he gave me a number he said if any problem called me a call was not been

done i'll put muscle to a number of the muscle kiss already in the block room

determined there is nothing i have to your reviews instead

he said i'm coming to give the petitions signed by the promise of combat

nor talked

they came in

four bodyguards a police officer in toronto airport they put me on the plane

prime minister of column in these two side my deportation

almost without important

opera discussion for some people

but on the other hand they know they need the other was over the killed me

with the same involvement

there's no difference

there's a saying that there is justice gave up the chop

the thing is if you if fuel allowance to teach a new government allows lists

might trip to china was canceled

because still group that you might have made the putting down to my security in

the airport

so the counselor

if you can go to the security of the community teach very openly

and this problem by people to the people among two people bus the problem

they kylie was caught hold of the middle tennessee to allow this time they've

bombarded development literally bombarded it

she helped accomplish to help you in terms of what happened that day

that's how they knew

governmental csr the threat

gaughman listen to it you know if the state government how they're going to

tell us on what they have to go to the american sex

always say the problem in the is that my technology

is the color of my passport

are bidding the euro four thirty and eight nine years i was sitting in


i don't see why should treat my nationality

for the sale of the central to the nation i work with a nice thing

so is there a problem to choose a mentor

he said an edge interesting thing is we have a meeting here last week with a


analyses knocking us in the computer because his former that webmasters

already in or pastors are released others would be

and technology

relief in africa

and the whole thing has been put on in french

and we already see dan doses of sanity or are getting contacted bombarded by

people from other nations record

they were supposed to help

so the room family here

and they certainly don't come to those who mimicking king charles or in there

let me put it certainly on the free time because is nice and warm them up

so there is still weighing

it's because i'm prepared to travel people of all people to come so far

and i think you'll hear from all over the world

cardinals software maker through australia

the thing is taken losses back

technology belongs to you not to us

but uses the safeway

thank you i was referring i hope we can work together in a moment of life

and the other thing is

we would like to ask you

if you'll allow offs

to pass your you know refuses too

to the other people in this photo

that you can build the link together on the world

if that's okay with you

unless you don't tell us norwood to announce today that the front

within next couple of days to let you all have each others are you know

the deep end of the cash from this universe with

thank you very much

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